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Dress Code

All students at Bonne Ecole are required to wear a school uniform. Please label clothing with child’s name. We have a Lost and Found box that gets full throughout the year and items with a name in them can easily be returned to their owners. All pre-k and kindergarten students are required to provide a change of clothes to be stored in the students’ bookbag in case of restroom accidents or spills.  These students should change clothes in the classroom restroom.  Please contact the office if you are in need of uniforms. 

Our uniform is as follows:
BOTTOMS: Navy blue cotton/blend pants-pleated or flat fly-inset pockets. Shorts, skorts, or jumpers are to be of a similar material. Leggings of a solid color can be worn under shorts, skirts, or jumpers. All of these bottoms must be the appropriate length as designed by District Handbook (fingertip length or not more than 5" above the knee).

SHIRTS: Polo-style red or white with an optional school logo.  The BEE school t-shirt can be purchased in the office and may be worn on Fridays and on fieldtrips. Undershirts must be tucked in pants (not hanging from under uniform shirt).

SHOES: Shoes must be closed toe, cover top foot area, and have a back. If the shoe has laces, they must be laced and the tongue of the shoe must lie under the laces. If shoes have a strap, the strap must be fastened. (Flip-flops, sling backs, sandals, crocs, potato shoes are examples of shoes that may not be worn.) Tennis shoes/sneakers must be worn on days when the student attends P.E.

BODY PIERCING: Body-piercing ornaments are limited to the ears, no hoop-style earrings. 

HAIR: Hair should an acceptable well-groomed style. Sculptured hair styles that include pictures, symbols, letters, numbers, designs, etc., will not be permitted. 

HATS: Caps, hats, and bandannas are not to be worn unless pre-approved by administration.

JACKETS: Jackets, sweaters, and pullovers may be worn as long as they do not display offensive words or images, or are gang affiliated. Jackets, sweaters, long sleeve shirts, or pullovers may not be worn on warm/hot weather days outside. Hoods may not be worn inside. Unreasonably oversized or extreme (color and décor) sweatshirts, pullovers, jackets, belt buckles, jewelry or any other uniform infraction will not be allowed.

SPIRIT SHIRTS: Friday students may wear a Bonne Ecole Spirit Shirt or club t-shirt with the appropriate uniform bottom.

FREE DRESS DAYS: The administration at Bonne Ecole may grant students a free dress day as a reward for positive behavior. Even though uniforms are not required on those days, the St. Tammany Parish Dress Code Guidelines must be followed. Failure to follow those guidelines will result in the parent being required to bring appropriate clothing to school for the student.

BOY/GIRL SCOUTS: St. Tammany Parish does allow both Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts to wear their uniforms on their meeting days only.