positive behavior Intervention & support

What is positive behavior INTERVENTION support (PBiS)?

PBIS is a program focused on creating a positive learning environment. The program incorporates four expectations for students to adhere to, in order to achieve this goal.

What are the four expectations?
The four school-wide expectations are that students will be "positive, safe, responsible, and respectful." Each morning begins with a pledge to follow these expectations in all areas of the school. Lessons are taught to reinforce the importance of being positive, safe, responsible, and respectful.
Each day at BEE, students can receive starbucks for displaying the school expectations of being positive, safe, responsible, and respectful.  On the last day of each month, students can shop at the BEE Starbuck Store.  They use their starbucks to purchase a variety of items and privileges.  Past favorites include popcorn, tattoos, fancy pencils, and candy grams to friends.  Volunteers are always welcome to assist. 

School-wide consequences

Positive Consequences
Negative Consequences

Star Bucks
Monthly Star Buck Store
Perfect Attendance Recognition

Minor Behaviors (White Slips)
5 White Slips = Office Referral
Major Behaviors (Office Referral)







InspirE, Cultivate, & Nurture

BEE’s focus for the 2021-2022 school year is inspiring creativity, cultivating academic growth, and nurturing our diverse community.




Be Positive!

Be Safe!

Be Responsible!

Be Respectful!